Emma storm

paralyzes port activity

Caralb News   •   March 1, 2018

Updated 02/03/18 09:00h

After bringing snow in much of the peninsula, Emma storm persists with gusts of wind of up to 100 km / h, waves of 6 meters and rain.

On Friday, waves reached up to 8 meters in North Catalonia.

The ferries from Tarifa are not operational and the only current link between Algeciras and Ceuta is Balearia’s Passió per Fomentera.

In Tenerife, the waterway caused by the container ship Spica has managed to be restrained this morning. The ship caused the breakage of moorings of the West Taurus platform, docked in the East Dock and its impact against the Spica caused the escape.

Due to weather conditions ports as  Huelva, Algeciras, Gibraltar, Valencia or Tarragona have postponed most of its activity until further notice, giving best estimated time to resume normal conditions next Monday 5th of March.