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Voronoi yacht

Considered the most beautiful

Caralb News   •   April 27, 2018

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Voronoi Yacht, even though is still a concept, is considered the most beautiful and unique yacht thanks to its design

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The luxury 125m Voronoi yacht concept is designed to thrill with an intricate lattice exterior and extravagant facilities.

The boat, which will include a sky lounge, hot tubs, a swimming pool and golfing green, has a striking design that is unusual to see on the seas.

South Korean yacht enthusiast Kim Hyun-Seok, who designed the boat, said it is named after the voronoi pattern, which is a random geometric spacing created by Russian mathematician Georgy Voronoi.

“The Voronoi pattern is a special method of removing unwanted blocks of solid space, letting you create the most robust structures while using the minimum amount of material,” Mr Hyun-Seok said.

He said the inspiration for the unique design came from dragonfly wings.

While it’s only at the conceptual stage at the moment, Mr Hyun-Seok hopes his dream boat will be made into a reality.

Visit Yanko Design web for more details of Kim Hyun Soek design.